Buy or Sell Business

WALLBERG & RENZY, P.A. understands that buying or selling a small business, or any business, is a very important decision that should be handled with caution. Our firm focuses in helping small business owners understand the steps into acquiring or selling a business.

If you are buying a business whether is an independent business or a franchise, we can assist you with the Due Diligence process to ensure that the business that you are acquiring does not come with unexpected surprises.

We'll also draft a a Purchase Agreement or Stock Purchase Agreement that incorporates the terms of your business acquisition. If there is owner financing in the transaction, we can prepare a Promissory Note or a Security Agreement.

If you are the seller, we can help you with the screening process of potential buyers by providing a non-disclosure agreement prior to you releasing any sensitive information about your business to others. Furthermore, we'll prepare the Letter of Intent and draft or review the Purchase Agreement.

Once this process is completed, we'll prepare the closing documents (Asset Purchase Agreement, Bill of Sale, Assignments, etc) and coordinate the closing with the buyer.

Our goal is to make the selling or buying process as hassle free as possible. We also
work with Business Brokers in representing buyers or sellers in the transaction.


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